Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stuff Part 2

I just don't have the time to take some pics of the stuff I bought last wkend ...nah I'm just lazy 2 do it ahaha! Nways yesterday I got a 2 package thru mail and so excited to open it weee yup some stuff that I bought in ebay! After a week of waiting its finally here! I got a buffer brush and free mineral blush samples I paid $3.25 for the item and $2.25 for the shipping no regrets with this brush coz its so soft and then I got the MAC amplified bisque lipstick and I paid $5.50 and $3.75 for the shipping kind of disappointed with the color its light pink/peach but I kind of knew this already its so hard to buy cosmetics online or from a catalogue, half of the time u'll get a wrong color/shade when u order and it sucks when u see them that its not the shade u want lol! But still... I'm just hapi that some of my stuff are here! I got 2 more coming in the mail maybe within this week!

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