Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My 8month old LC!

Over a week without blogging huh but I kinda miss doing this so here I am lol! Nothing new to blog last week I'm just doing same ol'things all the time sooo so boring! Me and Lauren is going crazy here at home just the 2 of us in our room but once we get out of our "box" its like ohhh yeahh fresh air hehe! Oh...did I mention on my past blog that my LC got 2 lower teeth, yup both came out and when she giggles it's like...oh its right there! She was sporting those teeth since last month! An explanation why she was sick and a big cry baby a month before that! I'm trying to get a good picture on her teeth but I can't get a shot, I always missed it so I took this pic below and forced her to show it on camera (then she cried =( hehe!), still.... its not the greatest shot, soooo blurry too ahmp! Nways hope u can spot her 2 lower teeths right in this pic:

But here's a great shot of Lauren Christen at 8months old and this is one of my fave picture of her! She grow up too fast and everyday she surprise me with something! She's amazing and I love her so much! Look at her gazing sweet eyes hehe so cute....

I was cleaning up our closet yesterday and I kind of sorting all LC's clothes and folding them neatly while she's just playing on her exersaucer. Then I figured I'll fit some of her clothes just to see if still fits her and some of her sleepers, diaper shirts, pants and some shirts don't fit so I put them in one box then stash it somewhere in our storage or give them away to someone who's having a baby girl lol! Then I look at her drawers and its half empty! I better bring out all the baby shower gifts that I got last year since they gave me a bigger size! But definitely I have to buy more sleepers because that's what she wears the most! I better go to Superstore and buy some of those sleepers and also those footless sleepers they have coz they are so cute and I love them, its easy to put it on and change her diapers and also she can wear her pretty shoes or booties in it not like those regular sleepers that goes all the way that covers the foot too! I love the clothing brand Joe at Superstore, its not only the baby stuff I like but also the womens stuff too they are all wearable and affordable! And when they go on sale, its really a huggeee savings I love love love discounts......who don't?! I bought her a couple new shirts last weekend for like 95cents hehe u can't beat that price anywhere else! lol! But before I end this....more LC's pictures .....ciao till next blog amigos!

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