Monday, September 1, 2008


Heyall!! I hope yall enjoy the long weekend! This year for my Sept long wkend was just very low key...ahm yes plain boring! 2 summers ago I usually go to Grand Forks, Fargo or Minneapolis and go shopping with my hubby and friends but now I didn't do anything exciting just stayed home with Lauren then we eat out with my dad and my brother that's it! My blog title right now if u are wondering, "certifiedmaclover" means....yes this is kind of addicting since I don't usually wear any make up on but when I tried using Mac Cosmetics Im surprise that I'll actually love Mac over Clinique (still luv u) ehehe! Last Friday I went to Mac Store and pick out the basics that I will need....

So here are the Mac Make up products I got: I got the Mac Lipstick in Charismatic, Studio Fix Foundation, Silver Dusk Powder, 2 Eyeshadow Pigments (Golden olive & Copper sparkle) and of course Black eyeliner. I spent shitload of $$$...i know lol! But thanks to u know WHO ahaha I got a huggeee discount so it's not that bad! Last Saturday, I was wearing the Studio Fix, lipstick and the eyeliner, Im so impressed because it was so humid outside and I was sweating like crazy but my makeup was still there at the end of the day! Lovvee it! I still have couple of things I bought from ebay and I can't wait to get them!

Anyways this one up here is the new Barbie Collection DVD and I'm waiting for these to come out on Sept 9! My daughter loves Barbie as the Island Princess! I don't have the original disc, a friend of mine just burn the CD for me, I almost buy one but then I saw the new Collection and I thought I'll just wait till its out because it has 3 Barbie movies and one of them is the Island Princess that my daughter really loves! She loves the elephant named Tika, everytime she see Tika on TV she laughs, she screams, she giggle and trying to sing along too! Really really really cute! ahaha!

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