Thursday, September 25, 2008

BS, PMS, and Sex'n the CT

I bought the SITC (sex in the city) dvd last Tuesday and its exactly what I expected....that I love this movie! I bought my copy at Zellers for $20 bucks and I also got a free SITC pink notebook! Its cute but I really don't need the notebook, if I don't have a cellphone that can do it all I could use the notebook as a planner or a journal.

PMS attack 2day and I hate this feeling! I'm cranky, grumpy, lazy and moody ahgrr! Mommy Nancy needs a cocktail or a glass of wine with cheese oh or a trip to the SPA bwhahaha! Also for a few months now I feel this weird backache where they injected that epidural when I gave birth last December, but according to some people who had them its pretty normal to have backaches every now and then! Yah yah yah it gave me a huge relief 1 day but I have to suffer having backaches ahm forever?! BS!

Can somebody please tell me where I could purchase this tablets? I seriously needs chill pill in my life LOL!

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