Friday, September 12, 2008


It's a thank goodness its Friday blog! I don't know why I just said that but for me it's more like a weekend to me everyday since I'm on my maternity leave lol! Anyways today me and my baby didn't do much but we went out awhile ago like 6ish in the evening with my Dad and we went to the Mall....did not buy anything...dunn dunn dunn! A little visit at Mac section at The Bay, I just looked around and swatched some eyeshadows, decided not to buy anything but for sure tomorrow I want to go back to Mac and buy a paint pot , they are $20 each I want to try one of these coz I really need a base for my eyeshadows! I heard a lot of good reviews about them that I can use it as a base or a primer so yup I'm definitely going to buy one tomorrow, =D! I'll get the shade of soft ochre or painterly we'll see what will I end up buying tomorrow hehe!

Last Tuesday I went to buy the Barbie Princess Collection for my daughter! They are 3dvds in the set : 12Dancing Princesses, Island Princess and the latest Barbie movie Diamond Castle! My baby loves the Island Princess, at least once a day she watch the movie or else she gets cranky and grumpy bwahaha! We had the Island Princess dvd that a friend of mine copied it for me so right now I got the original together with 2 more Barbie movies baby's dvd collection is growing not to mention her shoes, shoes, shoes!!!

I got my first blogger's hate mail today and I don't want to mention anything about this but all I can say to you my dear...Thanks for reading my blog, as I have said if u leave me an email like that then obviously u took the time to read my blogs and also u took the time to email me and wrote me nasty things about my site! You know least I'm just blogging and I'm not hurting anybody, there is so much more I could do than spending my time reading a blog that I hate and sending hatemails! If you don't like what I do or say in here don't read it or just dont visit my site (im guessing u bookmark my site eh bwahaha), your comment, advice or opinion is not needed! Okidoki! =)

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