Thursday, September 17, 2009

Everyday Eyeshadow Quad

Here is my Annabelle Eyeshadows that I put in a custom Elf compact and I use this almost everyday! I have Mac and other different brands of eyeshadows but I love Annabelle eyeshadows, they are very smooth, pigmented, easy to blend and super creamy! As promised on my previous entry I will do some swatches! I also did a look using this quad on my previous post!

The pictures are not that clear so sorry I should've take pics under a natural lighting but I did this during night time so the picture won't do any justice on how pretty these eyeshadow colors! If you guys are from Canada try Annabelle cosmetics check out their website they are great quality of makeup! They also have pan form of eyeshadows like Mac's pro pan shadows! They have the regular single pot shadows, their eyedust (pigments) are really nice too! (I am not promoting or anything....i wish they could give me free stuff bwahaha!) It is not available in US or International but check their website I might be wrong!

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donnarence said...

very pretty colors.. indeed they are wearable.. :D