Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So here are the items that I really really really want to get for myself and I know Christmas is just around the corner so if someone is looking for a great gift to me *wink* stop for a second and read this post ahaha!

1. Smashbox's Headshot eyeshadow trio, i think this is the best on the go eyeshadow trio! I have the trial size and I used it for work, love to have the full size ahehe! You can buy at Sephora!

2. Nars Eyeshadows (duos or singles) heard a lot of good things about their eyeshadows and would like to try it out! I prefer neutral shades or anything that I can wear everyday meaning no crazy colors :P

3. Juicy Couture Perfume been lemming for this in ages I don't know why I end up not getting it but I know I really really want it, look at that pretty bottle sooo gorgeous LOL! Availabe at the Bay, Sears, Sephora or even at SDM beauty boutique!
4. Chanel Cosmetics every makeup lover should have at least Chanel in their collection right?!

6. Lululemon Bomber Jacket see more pictures and info about this jacket here!
7.Proactiv kit! Yes its working for me and used it for awhile and now Im now religiously using it to get rid of my acne hehe!

8. Slapchop with the bonus grater (only available online or tv offer) Look so much easier preparing meals with this gadget especially for onions, garlic and tomatoes for my "ginisa" recipes :)

9. MAC 209 brush! Eyeliner brush!

10. Grey's Anatomy DVD sets in season 4 and 5 (also if there is 6th maybe lol!) I missed a whole lot on TV so I need to catch up! This is one of my fave TV show and McDreamy is mine okai! LOL!

11. Tiffany and Co hoop earrings 1837 ....who doesn't like Tiff &Co??? yup!
12. Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair concentrate! Very talk about skin care and good reviews so I am very curious to try this out!

13. Canon Powershot 12.1mp! I always tell myself if ever I will buy a camera it would be Canon and so my Nikon Coolpix is ready to be replaced...yeah?!
14. Lastly...Blackberry addict like me needs to upgrade to a new Blackberry Tour!

Too much? ahm not really eh... ahaha! Those are the things that I will look forward to buy for myself "or" if someone is generous enough to buy me one of those items above I will love you forever ahihi!

*will update or add more things till close to the holidays ahaha! So ladies what are on your wishlists?!


Iyah said...

I want to get the 188 too!! Theres a dupe: Sigma Make up SS 188 :)

I want a new camera as well :D

Jannie said...

that slapchop thingy looks like a real neat gadget. it sure would be great for onions. it saves you from getting watery eyes. hehe...

i broke into my erase paste sample this morning and i'm impressed too. i do like the consistency. i'm gonna hold off on buying it though. i'm not too desperate for a concealer. lol. well, not yet anyway.

for a while i took a break from buying makeup. i can't get enough of it either. hahahaha... gets me all hyped up too. especially after finding good deals or after finally getting what i've been lemming for. such a happy feeling. haha... :)

yeah, lauren will probably adjust to being left with lolo or uncle for a while. it's a good thing sinasanay mo sya while it's early. just two or three more years and she'll be in school too. :D

take care, sis. :D

annings said...

Oooh, maybe I should start jotting down my Christmas wishlist too! Hehe! That Slapchop looks spiffy! And yay more MAC brushes! Would love to get more brushes too! A girl can never have too many makeup, right? hehehe!