Saturday, September 5, 2009

Me Luvs Accessories!

I love makeup...but also I love accessories! Darn! LOL! Not too long ago I noticed to myself when I go to the mall Im not really makeup driven instead I look for cheap fashion jewelries like rings, necklaces and of course earrings! I love earrings and for some reason it makes me giddy whenever I see cute earrings haha!

Went to the mall 2day with my family and of course I went straight to SuzyShier! Ok this store is soooo awesome! I love their accessories they are all cute and cheap too! The store mainly sells clothes from casual to office clothes to dresses which I bought almost all my dressy type clothes! This is like a low-key Forever21 LOL! So today I went there and they have a sale on their accessories 2 for $5! I bought the chadelier earrings its silver with rhinestones which I'm totally inlove with because its so light, it looks heavy but its not! Then a ring with black stone in silverware so cute! Those two caught my eye so I thought thats it for now I have to control myself not to buy a lot because all of them are cute, I want them all! But when I was about to pay I saw the bin near the counter full of earrings and bangles for $1.95ea I was like oh wait...gotta look there too ahaha! I I found this silver flower earrings with black rhinestone in the middle and i thought its adorable! Also a hoop earrings with blue beads, really cute! I don't have blue earrings so I just have to get it! I spend less than $9 and that is with taxes too so I thought that was a good deal! Anywhoooo bohooooo thats it for now and laters lovely lovers :D ciao!


tiff said...

I love all those earrings! I'm gonna check out their site because I haven't heard of them before.

Jannie said...

i love the earrings on the far right. :) gotta love those accessory stores. especially when they have really great deals. :)