Friday, September 25, 2009

Little MAC-ing!

It's been awhile since my last post but I have 2 make this blog entry b4 I forget about it! I bought the mac 188 stippling brush, the smaller version of 187! Sooo cute and been wanting this brush for a long luvs it! The 2nd item was from the Hello Kitty collection "lucky tom" pallete! I love all the colors especially the "paradisco" eyeshadow its the pretty peachy one, lemming for that like forever LOL! I would've bought any of this if not from an awesome friend with a Mac Pro Card :D (tnx Ashlee)

I can't wait to try the lucky tom pallete I tried it and I liked the color combination in the quad so pretty and wearable!

Anywhoooo from other things on what's going on with me I am adjusting on my new job and the idea to work and leave my daughter at home is tough! I love her more than anything in this world but I have to work to make a living for both of us! Work is great so far...I'm still getting the hang of it in using their computer system and getting used to count backwards! I met a few nice people who are willing to help me out :)

That's it for now ladies...I am going to work ugh thank goodness its Friday woooot! Have a nice wkend lovelies muah! :)
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Jannie said...

i'm glad your new job is working out great for you. looks like you're meeting a lot of nice people there too. :) you'll get the hang of things real quick. :)

paradisco sure is a lovely color. makes your eyes pop. plus, that one bluish-purplish shade in lucky tom looks nice. i forget what color it is. i wish i got that palette. lol.

ordering clothes online is scary. especially stuff that comes in sets. i heard some horror story about some lady ordering a bikini and she was missing a bottom when she received it. yikes. i get a lot of customers whose clothes don't fit and end up returning them. yeah, it's better buying them in person. i hope you guys get an F21 soon in your area. as for us, we still don't have a sephora. inuna pa yung pag-build ng bowling alley. lol.

Jannie said...

hi, sis nancy! hey, girl. how's work? hope all is well. :) absolutely, i will do a review on my revlon quad. :) i love it, but i will let you know in detail how much i love it. hehe... take care. :)

Krystia said...

Cute, good luck with your job and being a single mummy!