Friday, September 4, 2009

A Little Update!

Been busy lately! Sorry for not blogging but here I am updating you guys of whats going on! Alright, for the past couple of months now I am looking for a job either part-time or full-time but depending on what shift! My maternity leave was done way back last December and they closed my previous job plus I don't have baby sitter for day time eh! Really drive me nuts not working for how many months now! Although hubby financially support us and have a little bit of savings in the bank, money is not the issue! I am thirsty of going back to work, I love my darling daughter to death but I really need to get in my feet again and be me...working! hehe! My hours of availability is not that flexible now that I have my daughter! I don't want her stay into a daycare so I'm just relying on my brother and my dad's time off in their perspective job LOL! I chose any evening positions! There are lots of jobs out there and lots of people looking for a job right now andI can say they are my competitions! 2 companies called me for an interview out of at least 10 places I hand out my resume!

First interview last week was the Hospital! I work as a volunteer in the hospital when I was in highschool and that was it! So I guess I can say I don't really work "work" in that area, hospital makes me sick just from the smell of it...I remember when I was giving birth to Lauren, I was pushing and puking at the same time UGH not good i tell yah! So the interview went well with this guy "boss" he said he liked our little chat and likes all the job experiences I had from the past! In my mind 'weeeeeee great!' , so yeah so he said they have to check my references, criminal record check and all that standard procedures in hiring someone, so I was like yeah yeah sure! Then he said..."oh by the way I will send you an email on consent form for credit check too!" ...ahmm WHAAAAT? I'm only applying for kitchen helper in the hospital and they need my credit history? for what? Oh well I said yes anyways so I waited and waited for whole week for that email and confirmation if I got the job but NOPE na-da! It ain't end of the world, its not meant to be eh so I keep lookin and handing out my resume!

Second interview was just today, I'm applying for evening shift in a banknote manufacturer. I was there early and confident for the interview! Thank goodness it went well! We have aptitude test but I find it easy so I'm positive about this and hopefully I'm going to get it! A job that I can relate to because its similar from my past job experience so I'm confident to have a call back...crossing fingers LOL!

September already?....fall is just about here and I'm excited, I dunno y hehe maybe I feel the crisp air saying Christmas is coming? ahaha! Anywho I am working on my wishlist and I'm going to post here soon so this is it for now and hopefully I can blog more often and wish me luck in getting a job :D laters!

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Jannie said...

i wish you luck on your job hunting. i'm sure there are many establishments out there that are willing to hire you.

i'm wondering why that one place is asking for credit history. hmmm... as for the other place, i'm sure it will go well and you'll do great on your aptitude test.

yeah, as much as we love our babies, working sure is a breath of fresh air for us. what i like about it is being able to meet and talk to people and of course, learning and earning.

take care. you will do well, sis. :)