Friday, September 18, 2009

Working Mom?!

On my previous update that I posted here about my job hunting...well the job hunt is over my friends! I applied at least 10 companies and I got 2 call-backs! Actually I got a call back first at a Banknote manufacturer (pbanknote), offered me a job and then a few days later I got a call from the hospital(st.boniface), thinking that they will never call me back because I have no experience whatsoever working for a place like that but surprisingly they offered me a job too :) I feel so blessed for the job offers and asking if which one will be best for me?! So I accepted both LOL! I know eh...but the plan is I will start on Monday at pbanknote because they offered me a job first and if I don't like it I can still go to the hospital just because I haven't got confirmation when to start so by the time I started on the other job I know it by then if I will like it or not....yeah?! hahaha!

Yes...I will be working mommy! I have this mommy side of me that I'm sad because I will no longer have that much time for my daughter! I am doing this for her future! I am partly single-mom and I need a full-time job to support our needs and wants :) I am excitedly nervous hahaha! So wish me goodluck all of you blogger friends! laters muah! :D

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Jannie said...

wow, nancy. good luck AND congratulations. :) i am happy you got both jobs and many offers that came along with them too. that is a wise decision to take two offers. at least there's always backup. hehe... :)