Friday, November 7, 2008

Let it snow 2x

Hello everybody! Its me again blogging on the BB (blackberry) again LOL! Nways i went out minus Lauren 2day to visit a fren dat just gave birth! And whoa outside was like snowing! It started yesterday and it was hell driving...its crazy out there! Slippery slippery road and i almost got into an accident! Dat stupid driver runs thru red freakin lights and i was this close that we will have a big collision but i kinda just slowed down but i cant coz im slipping so i panic and just whatever happen happens and thank God no accident happened it was an inch of his vehicle to mine infront of me but i keep honking that stupid driver but didnt care...jerk! So i keep thanking HIM that nothing happen! Whew! So i pulled over to a nearest tim hortons (canadian coffee haus) and ordered 3 coffees for the boys at home and my ice capp fix lol and also a chili with bread! While ordering i was still shaking and its like coming out in a bad dream! I was so scared i keep thinking the "what if" i got into an accident? I keep thinking about my baby at home! I went home right away and as soon as my baby saw me she says "mama" and my worries was all gone! :) I love her she's my everything!

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