Sunday, November 9, 2008

My bad babygirl!

So...posting Lauren's pic above coz she's cute when she got mad and all serious! I can't believe she have this personality/attitude already! Her cousin Audric are playing the other day and they came across with one toy they both really liked and they start pulling the toy with each and my dad was just watching them expecting Audric will get it eventually because he's older (almost 3yrs old) and stronger and Lauren will be just herself...a normal 10 month old cry baby! BUT oh no Lauren acted so mad and really wants the toy so she grab Audric's finger and bite it! LOL! Her cousin was like "awww baby bite me!" LOL! Lauren only got few new teeth like couple months ago and she did bite him...she can be so mean huh! So Lauren got the toy but her face on the pic was still mad and serious! After taking pics of her serious cute face well, she cried all day! LOL! I don't know y, but probably ahm... maybe...i tried to talk to her about not to do that anymore because its not nice! It's like i have to start the decipline a child thing early huh! (Yah i talked to her like an adult, not a lil baby lol!) so from now on NO BITING for Lauren! :)

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