Saturday, November 8, 2008

Survey: Random 25 facts

Boredoooom kicks in so gotta do a survey! Random 25 facts questionaire:

1. Single or married? -both ;)
2. Employed? -maternity leave
3. Do you drive? -yes
4. Fave color? -black/white
5. Nationality? -proud Filipina
6. Vehicle you drive? -03 Nissan Pathfinder
7. Fave food? -chinese/filipino/vietnamese
8. Do you have kids? -i have 1 daughter
9. Last time you shop? -yesterday :)
10. Shoes or sandals? -Uggz
11. Mcdo or BK? -mcdo
12. Do you wear glasses? -no
13. What is your fashion style? -casual
14. Call or text? -both
15. Last time u smoke? -2 or 3yrs ago!
16. Things u can't go out with? -wallet/BB
17. Do you have license? -license to what?!
18. Been out of the country? -of course!
19. Do you own a cellphone? -of course!
20. Missing anyone? -my mom!
21. Last person who called you? -mark
22. Do you sing? -in the shower
23. Will make you smile? -Lauren
24. Do you love someone? -Lauren
25. Last movie you saw? -sex and the city

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