Saturday, November 22, 2008

CS Neutral E/S Pallete & Mac Hello Kitty

My CoastalScents Neutral Eyeshadow Pallete order arrived last Tuesday errrr Wednesday errr Im not even sure what day it came in LOL! But the pallete is absolutely L-OoooOoOo-ve! I mean just looking all the pretty! I haven't even try them out coz I don't want to use them just yet, I like it looking brandnew ahaha give me like a week or two then I'll start using it but now I just like to stare all the pretty colors in the pallete! (weirdo!)

So Mac is launching a Hello Kitty Collection and from the looks of it, loveee it! I'm going to be pennyless with these babies! All MacAddicts like me are excited and can't wait for these collection to come out! LoL! (I heard it'll come out somewhat in January) Heres a lookseeee:

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