Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I thought I could blog more than once yesterday but something came up so I couldn't LOL! So today its Remembrance day or Veteran's Day! We just got home and went to the mall! I didn't do a massive shopping but I did buy few things for Christmas for my "inaanaks" mostly toys and children's clothes, also for Lauren's daily needs such as wipes/diapers/juice etc... and I bought a little something for myself too =) I bought my daily moisturizer but I just get a drugstore brand I was this close of getting a Clinique Moisturizer but I'm on a budget ahaha! So I got the Clean and Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer with spf 15. Not only it moisturize your skin but it also brightens skin! For $13.99 plus taxes, i guess its worth it naaah who knows I only got it today so I don't know if it'll make a difference on my skin LOL! Pic below is what I got:

I also bought a neutral e/s by Physician's Formula and I absolutely love it! I will buy more if only they were on sale! I saw a video on YouTube of this amazing makeup guru that she used these babies and she was right about the pigmentation is gorgeous! I tried it today and its a must-have especially if you are just starting out with makeup!

That exact same picture above was the one I got in the shade of Baked Sands! It was the Physician's Formula Wet/Dry eyeshadow in Baked Collection! It was $11.99 plus taxes at Superstore! Unfortunately it wasn't on sale danngg I couldn't wait for the sale but a few weeks ago I saw @ Shopper's Drugmart that they had it on sale but I didn't pay that much attention to these products but now I love love love them! =) So yup that's my purchases for myself today another dent on my bank nyahaha! ciao!

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