Thursday, November 6, 2008


I dont know why i havent blog for like forever but the only reason i could think about is my laptop broke! 3years...just like that its sad that i have to replace it! Im still looking around what to buy but nothing fancy shmancy, am goin to stick on the budget as im only going to use for like browsing and load them up with Lauren's pictures in it LOL! Right now im using my BB (blackberry) to post this entry! Wanted to post halloween pics too but thats not going to happen since i cant use my lappy nmore! Grr! This wkend ill probably go again en look around for laptops! But i'll ask around if its cheap to get it fix! Ill post some pics from my BB later on! Nways i hope u guys had a a blast last halloween!? We did too! Haha! We got candiesss LOL! Ahm yah im using my BB as my lappy but its not the same browsing especially in youtube! :(

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