Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LOTD and things!

I passed by at Mac Cosmetics (again?) today because I went to downtown The Bay with bestie and I was this close of getting one eyeshadow "silverthorn" from Rose Romance collection but I didn't get it because this coming Friday is the grand opening of Sephora wooot! I got couple things I have to buy first, I might buy the silverthorn if there is left over on my sephora budget hehe! But I did play around with my 88 CS pallete and used the 2 silver eyeshadows from the pallete and used "club" from my Mac Novel Twist! I'm not happy with the outcome but I'll show you guys anyways.....

We also went to a buck or two AGAIN! I bought the L.A. colors eyeshadow pallete for $2 but too lazy to take pics! I also swatched them in my hand as soon as I got home and they are kinda like powdery and not liking it hmp! It's not even worth it to post it here on my blog ahaha! Remember this post? yup same quality of eyeshadows...they are not that pigmented, too powdery and lots of fall outs! I guess you get what you really paid for! These are the earrings I got from the store though! Aren't they cute?! The first one was a hoopy hello kitty earrings ($2) and the 2nd one was a "chanel" earrings($5)!

And this last pic is the Rimmel Bronzer brush that I got from London Drugs, I bought it last weekend when we went to St. Vital and I'm actually shock by the price! Good sized kabuki brush for only $3.99?!I really have to get it! I used it today and its awesome! Didn't shed when I washed it and its so soft! It's my first ever kabuki brush! Not a tiny brush, not really a big brush but its just the perfect size brush to me! Loveee ittt! :D

That's it my lovely ladies......I better get my beauty sleep because tomorrow is a brand new day :) ta-ta!


Jannie said...

wow. what cute hello kitty earrings. that's a real good deal on them too. :D looks like there are some really nice finds at the buck or two store there. :)

yup, the creaseless cream shadow/liner would be a good consideration for your upcoming sephora haul. aww... lucky girl, you'll be having a sephora now. :) the colors are pretty too. it's pretty much like a paint pot.

i love your eye makeup on your LOTD. maganda naman ang silver combination with club ah. it brightens your eyes. :) most especially, i love, love, LOVE that black and white top you're wearing. you look stunning, sis. :D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Those Hello Kitty earrings are SUPER cute! & I love your lashes.

donnarence said...

i want kabuki brush.. waahh.. it looks fluffy.. :D love the eotd.. i wanna try doing light colors but always end up using darker ones..