Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MakeUp for Less

Anyways I'm still broke from buying stuff from the Gala Night last May 2nd, so buying makeup is not an option right now but that doesn't stop me from looking around for cheap things! So bestie and I went to Portage Place and came across to Buck or Two which is like a dollar store here in North America. They have tons of makeup stuff for cheap! They have palletes, brushes, nailpolishes etc etc.... I'm tempted to buy a lot but on second thought I was like I guess I don't need all that shit hahaha so I end up buying couple of makeup items which is the Profound Cosmetics eye pallete in no. 3 (mostly teal shades) and a professional lip brush! Both of them are $1 each! I bought a Hello kitty table cloth for $1.50 and alphabet magnets (not pictured) for Lauren for a buck!

Then I went to a Filipino Store near my house to buy Lauren's fave noodles Lucky Me Pansit Canton haha then I saw they have Maxi-Peel concealing cream for only $4. On the box....this baby supposed to help whitens your skin, moisturize, also good for makeup base and has sunblock of spf20! I got the shade of Fair and I'm glad that I did got that instead of Natural shade because if I did get the natural shade its too dark for my skin tone! I used it only once and I guess it was ok, it instantly brightens my face and evens out my skin in applying foundation but I have to test it out all day, lets say i'm going in a hot weather outside LOL! This is awesome for winter though!

She's camera shy...but Lauren wants to show all of you her new Maxi-Peel Concealing Cream! LOL!

Thats it for now! It's a makeup recession stress for me so I'm going crazy here! Laters loveliessss! :D

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Jannie said...

hehe... looks like lauren's going to love makeup too. just like her mommy. sya nga pala, sis, happy belated mother's day din sa 'yo. :)

wow. i see a lot of pretty colors in that new eye palette you bought. that's a very, very excellent deal for just a dollar. lots of colors too.

hmm... masubukan nga 'yung chanel. i'd be satisfied with having just one lipgloss from them. that's it. lol. yeah, we don't want our wallets to scream and cry if we get hooked on chanel.

oh yeah, the origins lippies are great. the price is good too. plus, if you like mint, lasang mint pa sila. it's refreshing to the lips.

ingat lagi, sis. :)