Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long Weekend EOTD!

Yes everyone its Victoria Day long weekend and I don't really celebrate this event/ holiday ever since I moved here in Canada errrr! I'm bored to death so I decided to play around with my makeup and I did a look using my Coastal Scents 88 makeup pallete! Loving the Green, Blue and teal smokey eyes and I came up with this:

Basically I used the 88 eyeshadow pallete for my eyeshadows with UDPP as my eye primer! I didn't do much on my face makeup just mineralized skin finish from MAC (medium plus) and NARS blush (deep throat) and Revlon lipgloss (barely blossom) and another unbranded falsies! I liked the other falsies I wore on my previous post I got lots of compliments wearing that lashes and I will make a post with pictures about them soon! So thats it and I hope all of you enjoyed the weekend! bye! :D


Jannie said...

my, sis. what pretty eyes you have! :) ang ganda rin pala ng matte eyeshadows ng coastal scents. the colors you chose really brightened up your eyes. :)

oh, the lipstick i used on my pic is nyx sky pink.

did you cut your hair too, sis? i noticed the layers on the bottom. it looks nice.

da goose said...

very fierce =)

MakeupJunkee said...

this look is gorgeous on you..

Anonymous said...

nice outer v girly! great look!

Krystia said...

This is very Divalicious, loves it!*_*!