Monday, May 25, 2009


I need a netbook soooo bad, so if you are generous enough to buy me a new laptop that would be very much appreciated LOL! My Acer Aspire is 3+ years old and needs to replace the lcd screen! I believe that I will spend at least $250CAD to replace it, labor cost laptop is one piece of shit now! If you are wondering how I still use my laptop with a broken lcd screen?! I put the old monitor screen from our old computer connected to the laptop! Get it? I can't move my laptop because its attached to the big monitor screen ahaha so whats the point of having a laptop now huh? yah i told you its a piece of crappy shit!

Just browsing around what I want if I care to switch to Macbook?! errr! maybe not! So I found this one @ Bestbuy for $750CAD and all the specs are very promising plus I'm an HP user since 2000 until i bought my Acer laptop 3years ago! The HP pc still works till now but its in the storage collecting dust! My bro used it also for a long amount of time he even upgraded the ram but I guess everybody needs upgrade so he recently bought himself a new laptop haha! Thats the pic below! Look at that baby....its red and cute like a button! This is the HP 10.1" Viviene Tam Edition Netbook, view more pics and specs/info here!


Jannie said...

what a pretty HP laptop. love the color a lot! red, my favorite. :D sorry to hear about your LCD monitor. HP would be a very good choice to replace your laptop. they're very light, so you probably won't have problems taking it everywhere with you. plus, i heard they're reliable too. :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

My boyfriend said that HPs are overall pretty good computers.

Laura said...

I just got an Asus 1000he but after seeing this I think I may just pick this up. It's so cute! Looks like the hubby is going to get my Asus instead ^_^