Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sephora, Rant and ETC

So last Friday Sephora opened their doors to Winnipegers, and I was there to celebrate that day and spend my entire savings bwahaha just kidding! So anyways what did I picked up? not much! I mean it was really busy packed with people plus I drag my baby daughter with me so basically she was on her stroller with people roaming around her so she's a bit cranky! So I have to get whatever that I was lemming for months! So I got a back up for my UDPP because I love it! And then here's a total disappointment....I got the BeneFit's Girls Night In pack for like $48 bucks looks like this:

It includes: 3 collectable magnets, 1 talent brush, 2 creaseless cream/liner shadow (skinny jeans and bday suit) and 1 lipstick (ladies choice) It was a great deal in deed! It works out to be a 50 percent off and awesome packaging so I got that!

I was like in a hurry when I got home to try it out especially the shadows....well....well...well surpringly I didn't like it at all! I was so sad that I tried my hardest to really like them but nope it didn't work out for me, they work on some people but not me! I have extremely oily lids and I guess the cream shadows are too silky that glides on that I felt like its too greasy, I am sticking to my Mac paint pot from now on! Depends on people's preference I guess! So today I went back to Sephora to return the whole pack and got my money back! I was thinking to get another Nars blush or an eyeshadow but I kinda stop myself of doing that, I might get it later on when I got more time to browse the store without my clingy baby with me! ahaha!

But I went to Mac and finally got my "silverthorn" eyeshadow and it was LOVE!

And then I got the chance to depot my "empty" UDPP today and chuck them into pieces to get whats left inside that cute lil bottle! I was shock that I have to use 2 of those 5gram jars! That's a lot of product inside, thinking that it was really empty! So here is the pic of what I was doing for the past 2 hours haha, I used a steak knife, I really work hard but it was worth getting all those shit inside bleh!

Gotta go sleep now....tired of depotting LOL! Nighty Night lovely ladies! :D


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Well I'm glad that you were able to get your money back - doesn't it suck when everyone else raves about a product and then it doesn't work on you? I hate it when that happens :(

Jannie said...

yay! i'm happy your winnipeg sephora opened up now. there's probably hope for escondido. maybe. haha...

oh, i'm sorry the benefit cream shadow did not work for you. it's a good thing you got your money back though. i had to go through like four reviews just to make sure the product was okay before i bought it. it's kinda scary to buy a new product sometimes. luckily the return policy on makeup isn't so strict.

hmmm... now that you mentioned UDPP has A LOT of product, maybe i should purchase it already on my next sephora adventure. :)

Jannie said...

haha... hey. three blushes come in handy when it's hard to decide. at least you have quite some options on what to wear. :)