Thursday, April 2, 2009


Before anything planned out for my sudden trip to LA, I browsed to my daily blog-dose and I stumbled to Adriyah's blog makeup sale! So when we came home from our 1wk trip, there is a package waiting for me in my room but I didn't open it till waking up from my 3hr nap...damn jet-lagged! I absolutely love her Mac's Novel Twists 5 warm eyes pallete! It was slightly used in excellent condition! $20 so I have to get it aight haha! Plus I saw one of her japanese falsies for $ I got that coz I really wanted to try em out! And she's so sweet to give me some xtras, she gave me a mk&ashley lipgloss, BB cream sample and laneige samples! :) - can't wait to try those samples...I always want to try BB creams but its hard to find here in Canada! I can always buy stuff online especially on ebay but what if the product won't work out errr! Gotta love samples! Nways yup that's my purchased on a blog-sale! U can check her out coz I think she still sells few of her items...later dolls! Bye!

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Iyah said...

awww! Lookit you, you got your goodies but I'm sad because we didn't get to hang out! Oh well, we still have years to meet! :) heehee! Hopefully you'll be back again sometime soon. I'm glad you like the things! :D

Yeah swapping is scary *at least for me now* because you never know if that person can be trusted. But I'm glad I have you girls whom I know I can trust :D