Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Egg hunting anyone?!

Sorry about not posting as much as I would like to! I don't want to say I'm busy but its just I'm lazy...period! I just go online on my BB (blackberry) and read my daily blog dose, few comments here and there but thats it! It don't motivate me to blog on my own blogspot either grrr so weird! Way back, if I read my fellow blogger's new entry it encourages me to blog also and blab about random stuff! I guess it changed all!

I missed a whole lot by not even catching up on my TV shows because of watching Dora and Big Comfy Couch all day long!

I wanted to catch up to phone a friend by I can't do it either because Lauren wants to grab the phone off me!

I wanted to attend a house party but I can't because Lauren is teething and she only wants her mommy to hold her!

Fast and the Furious is out on the theater but it seems impossible to go watch it as they will not admit infant inside the theater!

Wanting to shower to refresh a bit but I have to wait till Lauren naps, if she won't nap it'll be a stinky mommy or wait somebody to watch her.


I LOVE her to death though! :D

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