Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday 2 Me!

So another year again and I'm getting old by tomorrow or if I won't be done by midnight tonight writing this blog post then yup another year older! Its sad this year....my bday is just like any other day, nothing planned out and nothing special! I don't know what's my agenda on my actual bday but I want me and Lauren to go out and spend the day with her! Just mommy and baby time, just like everyday! Do I even have friends? yup I do but they have a lot going on...its called "work" haha! I'm not counting on my hubby who by the way called me today and greeted me a happy bday! I was like Duh, its tomorrow! He's not good at remembering dates, i know him so well LOL! He told me he got surprise but its HIM, surprising me doesn't exist or he'll forget it gaah we shall see tomorrow! :D

I'll leave you folks a picture of me and Lauren @ Disneyland Anaheim CA, one of the few places we went to on our trip to California last March 22 to 3o, 2009! More pictures on my Facebook account!

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annings said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie! :)