Thursday, April 30, 2009

French-tip for the 1st time!

This is my first attempt to do a french-tip manicure even though I have short nails! I think it turned out well...hmm I think! And I'm damn proud of it! LOL! I jump up the YT bandwagon and got myself China Glaze nailpolishes @ Sally's beauty supply! I got the Fast forward top coat, White on white and Love letters! They are $3.99ea if u have Sally's card (which I do have) and regular price $5.99ea! And also they have this promo for awhile now, if u buy 2 get 1 free! So for less than ten bucks u got 3 nailpolishes compared to just 1 OPI brand nailpolish which we all know that they are expensive! I love OPI though, I own just 2 of them (oh 2 b 25 again and onyx black) but too bad my wallet isn't happy with the price of $9.99ea! Comparing CG and OPI? As I said I love OPI...the consistency is awesome, the wider brush makes it easier to apply, last long even with out top coat and the shade is pigmented/shiny in just one coat! China Glaze on the other hand are just OK but I'm satisfied with the price and the quality! If you are looking for a variety of unique colors/shades then CG are the best! They are a bit streaky and liquidy hmm maybe its just me... I duno, but that's my own opinion hehe! 2-3 coats will bring out the true shade but they do last long with or without top coat! I will definitely buy more colors because summer is just around the corner and making your nails pretty are important! :) Laters lovelies!

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Jannie said...

very successful first french nail attempt. i think french tips look awesome on shorter nails. plus, they're easier to do on shorter nails. i have not done french nails in like forever. nahirapan ako eh. lol.

lovely job on your nails, :)

Jannie said...

hey, sis. yup, i love the shadows and brush a lot. paborito ko talaga 'yung blue. i always use that. :)

in case you come to cali next time, make sure you swing by san diego and visit me. :D i'm sure justin will get along well with lauren. he likes babies a lot.

glad you got your coastal scents palette. you got the matte one, right? how's that working out for you? i'm very happy with the shimmer ones. they are shimmery, but the shimmer is just right. you'll love 'em. even though they're shimmery, the neutral colors are still great for daywear.

i have missed you too. it's great to visit your blog again. :) oh yeah, happy belated birthday to you. hope you had a fun celebration. take care. :)