Saturday, April 25, 2009

Product Review: Biotherm Biocils Makeup Remover Gel

I got the trial size or GWP (gift with purchase) Biotherm Biocils makeup remover gel from a friend and I absolutely love it! So I got the full size bottle as one of the things I bought from my Bday! I am desperately looking for a good makeup remover because soap and water won't completely help to take off makeup especially eye makeup! I tried so many makeup removers and I can talk on and on and on about it ahaha! I'll mention a few to compare with Biotherm!

This Biotherm makeup remover gel is NOT greasy at all! I don't like any greasy feeling/residue like many of other makeup removers and to name a few drugstore brands I tried...Loreal, Almay, Neutrogena and hmm Avon! The price range of those are from $5 to $12, they are not that cheap either huh?! They are mostly greasy, stingy, and hard to take off eyeshadows or mascaras! I also tried the Sephora brand face/eyes makeup remover for $10 and that thing didn't work out for me, u can't take off ur eyeshadows in 5 swipes so I call it garbage! From high-end I tried Mac (pink bottle), Clinique and Lancome they are a bit greasy but it does the job in quickly taking off eye makeup even waterproof mascara! Yup they are pricey, they r in between $20 to $28! Still...not completely satisfied! After months of looking for a makeup remover I finally found all the things I've been looking for in makeup removers in Biotherm Biocils Gel! It doesn't sting ur eyes, NOT greasy, soothes ur eyes like a cucumber, in 1 swipe it'll take ur eye makeup off! The MA said its not for waterproof makeup because they have another kind for waterproofs but I tried it on my waterproof mascara and it still works like a magic! Price? $27 haha I know expensive huh but its worth it! I love it and I will stick to this from now on! I'm tossing those other makeup removers that I still have, I finally found my HG! :D

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Anonymous said...

have u tried the biotherm toner i love it so much better than dior or clinique... <3