Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thrift find!

Who would've thought that I will come to a phase that I will like vintage pieces?! Nah-ugh! I watch a lot of youtube videos on thrift hauls and a lot of them find good vintage pieces for cheap! I did some research in thrift shopping in what to really look for in terms of Vintage pieces, Retro pieces and antique pieces! Vintage pieces are items from 1920s to 1970s! Retro pieces are from 1960s and 1980s and antiques are items before 1920s!

Why thrift shop?! So we can dig up some treasures, pieces that can incorporate with our modern things nowadays! Also to find designer pieces that are wayyy cheaper than buying in retail stores! But what's so fun in looking up used items anyway? Some people don't get the idea of thrift shopping because they always think that everything is unsanitary! For me I'm not too picky in that area! If I buy thrifted clothes I make sure as soon as I bring all the items home it goes straight to the washer! Simple as that! You see...if you go to a retail store, do u think u are safe because you thought that the item is brand new?! I don't think so! You don't know how many people tried it on! I do the same process whether I buy brand new clothes or thrifted, it goes straight to the washer! But for some reason I have a rule that I don't buy any undergarments like underwear, lingerie and socks in a thrift store! For me its just too weird buying used items like that lol! I'm more into finding belts, bags, bangles or any fashion accessories! Sometimes I do like to look for designer clothes for cheap! :)

Speaking of bags....after watching a gazillion of thrifting hauls online, I kind of went to a Salvation Army near my house and see if I can find some good things/deals! My mission was to find a really nice vintagy looking belt, purse or any fashion things that are vintage looking even if its not real vintage from 1960's or whatever! I look through all their belts but nothing! I look for scarves but most of them are like forever21ish looking scarf ahaha! Then I look at the bag section and I found this really cool looking brown bag! I opened it up and it says real genuine leather and it was made in Canada! The coolest part was its only $5bucks!

So I look this bag up online and Mimo Sacs bags are from 1970s! Its leather inside and out! I love it! Still in really good condition, no scuffs or marks on the bag! The label is still intact and its clean inside! I really like the detailing on the outside and also the gold hardware is so cute! Out of all the nice things about this bag I like that fact that is a crossbody bag! I'm so into crossbody bags lately, so its like a bonus in scoring the bag for $5 you can't get a cute real leather bag anywhere not even at Forever21 lol!


herroyalbleakness said...

This is an amazing find! I love thrift shopping, too!

chetzmosa said...

i'm starting to like the cross body bags too. it's so easy and convenient especially when I have to carry Matt around. Can't beat $5. Forever21 is getting expensive too, not like when it first came out... A+ on the find. I get vintage bags from my mom because she likes shopping for them at thrift stores. Wala ako tiyaga maghanap kc lol