Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Late Post, Haul and More

It's been almost a month now but I'm going to show u guys anyways lol! Me and the BF spend Valentines a little bit later than the actual date as I mentioned it on my previous post! We went for dinner at our favorite restaurant Moxies and then we went to watch a late movie in a cheap seats, "Little Fockers" is such an awesome movie and so funny! We had such a good time!

Dinner I got my Valentines present and it was a surprise...well I was surprised lol! I got my BF a DVD "shutter island" yep...nothing fancy but we agreed that we will not spend too much on gifts because its only Valentines! When I saw the gift bag said Swarovski I was like hmmmm and when I opened it oh myyyyy! I love the ring you can view the ring on the website here! I am wearing it everytime I go out, just sparkly and shiny and soooo pretty! I soooo love it and I love him sooooo sooo much! <333

Me wearing my moonlight ring and of course my EOS candy brown contact lens!

On to my haul....I got the OPI's much talk about Shatter polish "black shatter" and a Rimmel base/top coat polish! I went to Walmart to pick up another Wet and Wild color icon pallete in "greed" (246) and a Maybelline Mascara "Falsies" I heard so much good reviews about this mascara and they are on sale for $3.99 lol! At Winners I got the Instant Lip Volume and to tell you the truth I don't know what brand its called but they are made in Italy! Smells good and not sticky, also the taste is so goood kinda like a candy!

We are trying to get the house look more like a home, so we are slowly getting more house things lately! Like this clock I bought it cheap at Winners (kinda like TJmaxx here in Canada!) I thought its going to look big on our dinning wall but it look so good with the newly painted walls....tnx babe for painting! lol!

Curtains and this rod was cheap at JYSK! Just a simple black rod and white flowy kinda like c-thru curtains is perfect! Very relaxing and soft looking in the bedroom windows!

Beige and Cream satin Curtains for the Dining room! I love the Material and they are on sale too from JYSK!

Lauren's Princess room! She really loves her room but unfortunately she don't sleep yet on her own! We are trying to put her to bed on her own but she kept going back to our room! But eventually she will sleep by herself, its just takes time I guess :P!

xoxo - nancy


Jannie said...

Enjoyed looking through the haul, girl. :) And that's sweet of your BF to give you a Swarovski ring. It's very pretty. You look stunning and blooming while modeling the ring too. :) Looks like you guys were having a great time celebrating Valentine's. :) Kami rin late nag-celebrate. LAST WEEK. Haha... Eh March na. LOL.

Lauren's princess room is adorable. Fashionable room and fashionable girl. Just like mom. :D

Buti ka pa, nakuha mo na yung Shatter. Balik ako ng balik sa tindahan. I always miss out on it. I decided to just give up already. Wah. Hehe... That and the Naked palette. Talagang minalas ako. LOL.

How are you liking the Maybelline Falsies Mascara, BTW? I was thinking of getting it. Maybe when one of my mascaras run out, I'll go for the Falsies too. :D

chetzmosa said...

the swarovski ring is beautiful. he’s so sweet. i don’t think my husband ever gave me a ring or other jewelry besides the engagement ring and wedding band. lol.

Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio? I love that movie despite the mixed reviews. Anything with Leo in is A+ in my book! hehehe.

I love your daughter’s princess room!!

btw, Ate Jannie’s right.. you look stunning .. blooming na blooming!!

Jannie said...

yay, nancy! may good news ako. i finally got shatter. yay! :D i got mine that comes in a set of two nail polishes. it's from serena glam slam. i guess shatter is from the serena williams collection too. dadalawa na lang 'yung set kaya kinuha ko na bago maubos. hahaha... :D i totally agree with you about it looking like nail art from the salon kahit hindi. i-layer mo lang, instant art na. hehe... :D heto. suot ko na ngayon. hehe... i heard there's going to be a silver shatter too. i can't wait for that one. i've also heard of the china glaze crackle polishes you mentioned. i saw someone do a demo on youtube. they look nice too. very pronounced pa ang pagka-crackle nila, so i'm thinking of trying it too. :)

thanks for the word about maybelline's falsies. i'll definitely try it. volume and length all in one tube is totally unbeatable, so that's a mascara that's so my type. ang cute pa ng packaging nya. hehe... :D

hahaha... parang si justin si lauren. sometimes he'll sleep in my room and then, he'll run to my parents' room when he's not feeling my room anymore. hehe... he has his own room (which doubles up as a guest room), but he does not want to sleep in there alone at all. i told him when he turns six, he really has to. eh katapat lang naman ng room ko, so wala syang dapat ikatakot. i'm going to have to start training him that it's not scary to sleep alone. :D