Sunday, March 13, 2011


Went to run some errands! daughter keeps visiting the pet store all the time if we go to the mall so yep I bought her a fish! Beta fish that she named "Goldie" haha she's so cute that she even kiss her fishie goodnight in the bowl when she went to bed! lol! I also bought candles from Bath and Body Works! This is my 2nd set because I went to buy 2 last week and today they still have the 2 for $25CDN deal so I grab 2 more with the same scents that I bought before! Taking advantage with the sale! I love it, it think this is a start of my candle obsession! No kidding I want to collect candles now but sometimes strong scents gives me headaches so I am careful on picking out scents! I got the "fresh cotton" and "pineapple orchid"! Ahhh-mazzing scents!

After malling and a little bit of grocery shopping! Time to clean up the house! I have to pick up Lauren's toys everywhere, put away groceries, change bedsheets, and of course my never ending laundry! While Lauren is busy with Goldie the beta fishie....I put my headphone on my cellphone and put on some music and Im good to go with my PJ bottoms lol! And by 6pm I started cooking so by 7:30ish the bf from work can eat supper! That's my Sunday yo! :P


Jannie said...

goldie is so cute. fish in a bowl/tank are so pretty to look at. :) ang cute naman ni lauren at hinahalikan pa nya sa bowl. hehehe... :D

love your adorable PJs. they look comfy too. i like lounging around the house wearing PJ bottoms too. i practically live in them when i'm off work. :D

the erase paste doesn't cake at all, but a little does go a long way. good news na 'di sya mauubos kaagad. :) i haven't tried the MAC concealer from the tube yet. i heard it's really good. meron ako 'yung studio finish. okay naman sya. :) speaking of concealers, have you tried maybelline's fit me? they're actually pretty good too. :)

yup, enjoy talaga 'yung shatter polish. heto. gumawa na naman ako ng bagong color combo. i wore hot pink with it at work. after work, i used white with it. ang taray ng dating. hahaha... :D

happy monday to you guys and enjoy the new pet fishie. :D

chetzmosa said...

sarap maglounge in pj's noh! it's so comfy. i do the same at home. if i'm not in pj's im in sweats! and i always have to put my hair up these days kc Matt's always pulling my hair!

i love your fish! i had a few before but i dont remember what happened. namatay na lang. lol. i want to get a couple for matty tho probably on his first birthday