Saturday, March 19, 2011

Forever 21 in Winnipeg

Been obsessing about Forever21 lately! Why? Forever 21 just opened last weekend here in my city and its the first one ever here in Winnipeg and people like me who likes to bargain with clothes and accessories that are trendy went crazy! Before I buy F21 items only when we go to the States! My nearest F21 location that I know is the one in Fargo ND that is like 4hrs drive LOL! They have F21 all over Canada but its nowhere near my city! So Saturday it opened but I didn't had the chance to go because I was somewhere else that day that I totally missed the whole grand opening deal! And the first 300 lined up will get a 100CDN gift card! Also in every purchase will get a mystery item! Oh well whatever ahaha! I went there the first time on a Sunday and here's what I got! I didn't go too crazy about it just few things that I really like!

A slouchy stripe top! I love the color combo grey and pink! I love slouchy tops like these to hide the bulge in your mid-section ahaha!

I got another heart necklace! Been obsessing with hearts too! I have a few heart necklaces actually but I like this one because the chain is long like my previous one that its so old that I need a new one! Forever 21 jewelries are cheap and don't expect to last long!

Last thing that I got was this nailpolish! I love the color its a dark blue and its called "magnetism"! I got this when I was about to pay and its just near the counter and I saw the color and fell inlove! I don't have the color so I figured for the price of $3.80 its worth it! Polish is creamy but a little bit streaky but its ok! With a nice top coat it'll last for days!

Today its me and Bf's day off so I am dragging him to come with me to the mall and maybe give him a little tour at F21 ahaha! Not like he cares or anything but actually he is a bit curious of what I've been obsessing about the store! Its almost my bday anyways so *wink*wink* LOL!


Jannie said...

Yay! Glad to hear there's an F21 in your area. :) You are going to get hooked to that place. There are always cute clothes/accessories for such great deals. :) Glad you are liking the nail polish too. Mukhang maganda sila. I'm thinking of giving them a shot. I love the dark blue you chose too. I also love the cute slouchy top. Maganda pa yung print/colors nya. :) I love slouchy tops because they are flattering and you can dress them up or dress them down. Depending on your accessories or the bottoms you pair them with, they can either be casual or just right for date night. :)

Hehehehe... Bang curls after sex. LOL. Napansin ko, my curls do have that kind of effect on my hair. Sana ganon lagi. Flat kasi sa taas yung buhok ko. The curls really helped volumize even the top. Thanks for the compliments, by the way. :)

Enjoy the new F21 and the rest of your Sunday as well. Take care. :)

chetzmosa said...

will the bf actually hang with you in f21? i know myk used to follow me around f21, then after a while he would just wait for me outside of the store and grab coffee. lol. he won't even go in Victoria's Secret!!! LOL.

Anyway, i love f21. they're everywhere in NY so i feel happy knowing that its so accessible.