Saturday, March 5, 2011


So what do you know....another cellphone to play with! To think that I will get a blackberry again but nope I switch to LG! Life is Good with this Optimus One cellphone! ahaha! I'm surprise to even love this phone to begin with! I thought there is nothing special but boy I was wrong! This phone got the latest Android 2.2, I want to get the Optimus 7 instead but I don't want to spend too much on a phone that I'm not really familliar with!

There is a story behind of getting this phone?! Nope its simple actually, after giving my BF a new LG keybo cellphone for his bday last year and he loves it, we went out and feel inlove with our new LG plasma TV we bought last New year and I figured when Telus Mobility came out with this new LG Optimus I look it up online for reviews and I thought right away I will like it! So what happen to my Blackberry? ughmm I send it over for a repair, keyboard is fucked so yeah I guess I got no luck in owning a blackberry! Down with 3 blackberries and none of them last ahaha! After repair I will just sell it and not bother switching back!


Jannie said...

Cool new phone, girl. This actually kinda reminds me of an iPhone. Very sleek and the screen is nice, big, and looks easy to navigate. :)

About Blackberries, I'm down to my second one. Hopefully naman sana 'di ako malasin. Nasira din yung first one ko. It's kinda my fault though. I guess I just F-ed up the clickwheel so bad. The rest went downhill from there. LOL.

Enjoy your new phone, girl. Ingat. :D

chetzmosa said...

i have the LG Optimus V which is the same as your phone... and i love it. Had an iphone since it came out but had to drop because of privacy issues... got so used to the touch screen that i couldn't do the blackberry thing... so this phone really replaced the iphone.. enjoy it! dami apps na you can download! ahihihi