Sunday, June 7, 2009

FOTD and a lil bit of Rambling

I'm kind of missing in action here on my blogspot huh? naahhh you guys probably know it by now that I'm like that! Some days I like to blog 3 days in a row and some days I don't like to blog for like a week! LOL!

Anyways I did a look yesterday using my "affordable" cosmetics....except a couple of MAC items that I used, scroll below on what I used in details....but first, lets see the cam whoring queen shall we?!

So here are the things I used:
Face: MAC Studio Fix powder in NC40, Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NC30 (that's the only Mac products I used)
Cheeks: Aziza Blush Duo (only $1! yup u got it right 1buck!)
Eyes: Carlo Di Roma Eyeshadow Pallete (I used the concealer as a base), Almay Retractable Eyeliner in Black, Maybeline Define a Brow in Dark Brown, Sheer cover Mascara, Falsies and Wet and wild mini eyelash curler
Lips: NYC Lipstick in Mousse (my fave, its only $1.79)
Other: Posh Mini Brush set, and false eyelash glue that is not pictured below :D

So here is the rambling part but its related to whats up there anyways.....ok let's start with the blush, I know I purchase some Mac blushes and yup they are pricey for $20 something bucks you think I would use that often?..... NOPE! Instead....I bought a cheap blush at dollar store and that is the one I've been using for everyday, CRAZY! But I like that Duo blush, really shows up on my skin the only downside.... its really powdery but its ok hehe not bad for a dollar eh! Ok on to the lipstick, I also have tons of lippies like MAC, Lancome, Clinique even Chanel LOL but my fave right now is my NYC lipstick in Mousse and it is less that 2dollars, it moisturize my lips, no weird smell and it can last long depends on what your agenda like LOL! Ok, now to the brushes! I have full size Mac brushes and coastal scents brushes but i don't know what the hell it is that I'm always reaching for my mini Posh brush set! Another thing I noticed, I have the famous Shu Uemura eyelash curler but the heck I use my Avon or wet/wild eyelash curler all the time! LOL! I just don't the question ladies, if there is one person can tell me why am I buying expensive things that I don't even end up using it?!?! I'm done talking about this because its INSANE! head hurts :( byeeeee!


donnarence said...

nice look.. i always use affordable prods.. yay!! i love the falsies!!!wow!! and that palette looks nice..

Anonymous said...

lovely look !

Jannie said...

i like that nyc lipstick has no weird scent too. plus, the colors are cute, and the prices are good. i think i got mine for less than $2.00. i wanted to get more, but couldn't decide on what colors to get besides the red.

very pretty lashes, btw. and i love, LOVE the lippie you used. it's a very sweet shade of pink. :)

yeah, it's always fun to shop with the girls. especially when they share the same interests with you. sometimes, you end up discovering new products through them too. wow. that's cool you and your bestie both love makeup. one of these days, we should all go makeup shopping together. :)

Pop Champagne said...

nice look! You look like an ice queen :D

LOVEpink said...

love the falsies!!