Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tiny purchase & MakeupAlley

Hello everyone! Been too lazy for couple days now but I did a little purchase when I went to Winners (similar to TJmaxx in US) the other day and bought this Too faced lip and eye pallete for $5.99! Its the only one left and also with a box in good shape not been touch or swatched but there is no price tag but the SA was looking thru some other cosmetic items and just marked it $5.99 like the rest of the other makeup like ELF stuff! I think I got an awesome deal coz I know Too Faced are way more expensive when I saw them at Sephora! Its pretty tiny to put in my makeup it! Last month I found Urban Decay makeup pallete for just $7.99 in that same store location but I end up swapping that in MakeupAlley, I love the little eye primer potion that came with but the eyeshadows are too glittery for me when I swatched it. To those who are wondering about overall experience so far is great, I never have problems with my swaps I did like 8 swaps and not once I got swaplifted. I guess I'm being cautious too on the person I'm swapping my stuff with! Plus I don't swap expensive items so if ever I get swaplifted I don't feel bad about how much it cost on my swap but I hope it won't happen *crossing fingers* Its been fun just to get rid of stuff that I won't need or want anymore why not just swap of some things that you want from people have for swaps too! I only swap within Canada and US but its a pain on shipping to Canada yuppers its more darn expensive than shipping to US! And also I got things from swap that it aint available here in Canada like one of my swaps she gave me extras like Sonia Kashuk retractable powder brush and brandnew dessert lipgloss set (will take pics of the item mentioned soon) so lil things like that I got from swaps are fun and sometimes I end up loving the throw-in extras than the items I swapped for! So yup that's it for 2day might blog more a lil later or do some FOTD or maybe visit Winners again? Haha!

Note: no url links sending this via BB might edit it later if not too lazy to jump up in my computer LOL!

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KRYSTAL said...

wow! what a great deal~! looks like a really nice palette!

Anonymous said...

$5.99!! Holy crap, awesome deal!

Sherry said...

such a good deal! :) over here sure cost more!

Pop Champagne said...

$5.99?! What a great deal, not to mention the packaging is lovely!