Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sephora Faves Boxset

I bought this at Sephora for $50CAD ($40US) and I think its a good deal! Go to Sephora's website for more info about this set and view other sampler sets. It includes 10 sample products and all are too cute but good size samples!

From left to right: Sephora's "copper" eyeliner, Anastacia clear brow gel, Anastacia brow highlighter pencil, Urban Decay primer potion, Too Faced shadow insurance, Lancome Bi-facil make remover, Cosmedicine eye cream, Smashbox mini eyeliner pallete, Stila smudge pot "black", and Smashbox eyeshadow trio "headshot".

I love this set! When I saw this set I was like I have to get it and they are cute as a button when I opened the box LOL! I can put all of them in my lil makeup bag and carry them around hehe! I love all of them but in particular product that I really wanted to try was the Stila smudge I tried it 2day and it was amazing more amazing than Mac's fluidline tehiiii! (luv them both actually hehe!) Too bad they don't carry Stila cosmetics in our Sephora which sucked by the way hmp! (I love my Stila rouge pot blush which I'm almost out)! Anyhow its good they put this smudge pot on this set! Also I'm excited to try the Anastacia brow gel and highlighter pencil! And oh there is Too Faced eyeshadow insurance too in a tiny patootie jube hehe! The Smashbox trio got the prettiest neutral colors in a cute lil pot! All in all I can't stop saying how uberrr cute this set is...its a great gift to someone who loves makeup or wants to just try all the products without spending too much! I'm sure its worth it though! I'm thinking to buy the lips sampler... too cute to pass up hahaha! They are limited edition so I better get it while they are just there right haha! I know our newly opened Sephora here in the city sells them like pancakes so if people wants something especially boxsets like these, they better get it right away because tomorrow it might not be there anymore! So that's it ladies...I'm so tired from yesterday from going to the mall and went to Red River Exhibition (yearly amusement park event) will post pictures soon I promised! To those who comment, email and message me I will get back with u guys shortly, I'm not snobbing all of you hehe! I know I got lots of catching up to do with my lovely ladies! So yuppers cyahh latersss :D

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Crystal said...

that looks like a really good deal! and i agree that the smudgepots are amazing right? i love them much more than my MAC fluidline.

Pop Champagne said...

hmm that much sephora for $50? That's a pretty good deal!!

becky said...

this is such a good deal. Its prefect for travelling and such. I went to Sephora on Saturday and they have a lot of cool kits similar to this.

Jannie said...

whoa... $40USD is not bad at all for all those goodies in a box. since i've been starting to get into smashbox, i gotta try that neutral trio you've been talking about. smashbox has pretty colors. :)

Jannie said...

yup, falsies sure do complete the whole eye look. i need a lot more practice though.

you've mastered falsies very well and they look very pretty on your already pretty eyes. :)