Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Simple Rainbow FOTD and a GIVEaway Announcement!?!

Hello lovely boys and gals LOL! If you folks asked how I've been today, oh well i'll tell you right now that it's been soooo slow, it really was a drag! Me and Lauren stayed home 2day watched tv and took a long nap errr! Last night I was going to post this look but my camera died when I took the last close up shot hmp oh well I was sleepy anyways so I just washed up and went to bed hehe! So here's a simple rainbow look using my my Annabelle eyeshadows that I absolutely love!

Before I say bye is just an idea, just because I want to do it! :D

I know I don't have that much followers yet but I feel like I'm in the giving mode to host a Contest...or just a simple makeup/stuff give away! It will be for everyone, anywhere in the world! Because we love freebies! right?! I think I'm not going to ask to do a look or anything like that but just simply be a subscriber to my blog and such! Will reveal the prizes and few rules as soon as I get my current subbies for their input about this....let me know, comment below :D


Jannie said...

wooo. love the rainbow eyes, sis. :) annabelle sure has great pigmentation. i was very happy with the colors you gave me. the black is a lot like carbon too. :)

as much as mac brushes are da bomb, buying them will probably have to be once in a blue moon. too pricey.

hmm... a contest would be a great idea. wow. i noticed they're pretty popular in blog sites. it would be lots of fun. :)

donnarence said...

the rainbow eyes is pretty.. just the right colors.. not over... sana you get what i mean.. :D pretty.. yay for the giveaway .. :D

Pop Champagne said...

oooh Love your eyeshadow! So many different colors!! and yay for contest/giveaway! I also invite you to participate in mine :)