Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Just a simple face of the day before going to work!

Its only my "Tuesday" tonight at work and I am feeling tired already! Every week I don't see the bf for the whole 2days! Kinda bummed about that every week lol! Good thing now that we live together we see each other on our days off!


Jannie said...

Wow. I bet work is more than happy to have someone as stunning and beautiful as you. :) Super-like ko 'yung FOTD mo. Even with very little makeup, you look radiant, fresh, and 18-years-old. :D

Sure is great you get to see the BF on your days off. :) My BF is like my "monthly" visitor. Hahahaha... Pero mas okay na 'yung monthly kesa sa wala. LOL.

Ingat, girl. :)

Jannie said...

Hi, Nancy. Saw your comment. :) Yup, it's good news nab-blog uli sya. I sent her a message on FB kung okay sa kanya na ipakita ko blog nya sa 'yo. Hope to see her reply soon. Pinakumusta na rin kita. I'm sure she remembers you. Miss those old blogging days. Glad we are all finding each other again through our new blogs. :)