Monday, May 23, 2011

At Last.....Ipad2

Finally I got my IPad 2! After a long discussion in my head, I settled with an IPad just because it's very convenient for me! But it's not easy as I thought to buy these babies I didn't even realize that they are hot like pancakes! Everywhere I go like best buy, future shop, apple store are all sold out! I am this close to giving up! I woke today thinking I go to best buy and just get a whatever netbook! I chose the samsung netbook the sales guy came back and told me they have a bunch of them at the back if I'm ready to go he'll just get it on my way out but I ask him just in my curiousity if they have iPads stash at the back too? Lol! He said he'll go check and he came back smiling and said am I lucky or what? Haha! They just have shipment last night of a few iPads and I immediately told him I am more interested in the iPads....ditching the samsung on the side errrr! I prefer a white ipad2 but unfortunately the whites are all in 64gb and its not in my budget! Either 16 or 32 are all in black so got no choice to get a black one! I guess it doesn't matter which color I get....white would've be o sweet though lol! I Also got the pink smart cover and it look so cute, I feel like I'm convinced that the black is better with the pink :P


Jannie said...

Lucky girl. That's so sweet you got an iPad and that the guy at Best Buy found them in the back. Yay. :D It's a really handy device. I want one, but maybe someday. Hehe... :D

I'm glad you love the Sally topcoat too. It works really well. Plus, it's not expensive. Pag naubos uli ang Seche Vite ko or maybe even when it's not finished, I'll grab a Sally topcoat. LOL. I like how it's not thick too. :D

Jannie said...

Thanks for the rubbing alcohol tip when removing sticker marks on packaging. I'mma try it. :) I wish companies would make it easier on us by putting the stickers right on the plastic or kung nagtitipid man sila sa plastic, make the stickers easier to remove. Hehe... :D

Yikes. Sorry naka-encounter ka ng bastos na teenager while pushing Lauren's stroller. These people should realize hallways are walkways and not conference rooms. Kainis mga teenager na 'yan. Kahit saan, iistambay sila. Kahit siguro driveway ng mga kotse, tambay pa rin sila without hearing or noticing anything. Buti sinabihan mo sila. I hope they were kicked out of that area too right after you told them off. Hehe... Deserve nila.

Natawa ako sa sinabi mo na walking on clouds. Yup. Some people in the mall are like that. I'm so tempted to tell them, "Move your butt!" Haha... Ay. Mga tao talaga. LOL.

Jannie said...

I'm excited for the arrival of your Naked palette too, girl. You'll probably get it early this week, maybe. I remember we ordered it around the same time. Makukuha mo na 'yon. :D Haha... Funny how MsFili and I tempted you to get it. Actually, watching her Sephora haul video tempted me. LOL. One of my friends is tempted as well, so I told her, "Yeah, you should get it, girl." LOL. It is really worth it though. I haven't played with it yet, but I'm excited to do some day to night stuff with the colors. :) Happy weekend, girl. :)