Friday, March 26, 2010

GS&P Jewelry

Hello loveliessss! I'm so happy I got my order Glam, Sparkle and Pop Jewelry 2 days ago and I love my necklace! The owner Julie and owner of this blog makes gorgeous jewelry and accessories so go check it out! They are very cute and very affordable!

I ordered her Valentines edition heart necklace with lock and bail but I choose different color of the Swarovski heart crystal, instead of the light rose I want the purple/bluish one! But its cool coz when its under the lights it sparkle really really nice! Now i'm more into Swarovski crystals now...I want MOORREEE they are soooo prettty! I'm looking into buying more necklace from her!

Along with my order, it includes some cute things like nail art, lavander bath salt (im guessing its a bath salt) and yummy candies! Thanks Julie!


Vanilla said...

awww its too pretty!!:)
she is very talented!:)

Jannie said...

wow. julie makes pretty jewelry. her hair accessories are pretty too. especially the headbands and ribbons. :) plus, i looove her blog. her posts are funny and entertaining. :)

anyway, babagay sa 'yo ang lilac lipstick. i've seen you wear stuff like bright pink and that looks good already. almost the same color family na rin 'yung lilac, so i'm pretty sure you'll rock it. :D

yeah, paki-send mo na lang sa fb inbox ko address mo. i'll send ya some milani. blushes, nail polish, and eyebrow pencil pa lang ang nagamit ko sa kanila. loooove the blush. it's so pretty. :D as for sending packages, that's a relief na madali lang sya. :) thanks, sis. :D

norie said...
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Jannie said...

ay. lapit pala bday mo ah. :D yeah, that alice palette would make a good present for you. :) naku. maeexcite ka kapag nabili mo 'yon. i'm pretty excited myself. i have a look in mind already that i can wear to work. hehe...

oh, yeah. i remember you guys got a sephora just recently too. was it like last year or something? thank goodness we finally have ours. even though it's small, at least it's just at the other end of our mall. hehe... i don't know if i'll go there often either. i'll just get them one by one, i guess. ayokong ma-broke kaagad. 'di ako makakain nyan. lol.

wow. $150 is a very reasonable price for coach. shopping at an outlet is better. mas magaganda yung prices. i heard the selection is pretty nice too. :)

uy. salamat sa msg doon sa fb ah. i already have some good goodie ideas for you. hope ya like em. :) tc, sis. :D