Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Random(s)

My weekend is just "eh" .....I am missing my baby girl so much its not even 48 hours yet since I drop her off at her grandparent's place, I am annoyingly calling there all time to check her if she's alright but it seems like I'm the one who's not ok about the idea of staying over there *sigh* Oh well I guess I have to get used to it now, just the thought that my daughter is bonding with her grandparents (ex-hubby's parents) coz they haven't seen her for months, I admit sometimes I feel bad that they don't see her as much as they want to not even last Christmas and on her bday so now its like I don't want them to missed out on anything on baby Lauren too!

Dear bf is working this weekend also so I am feeling lonely errrr! So yup...shall we start on some of my randoms now LOL! Anyways couple months ago I had haircut, see my bangs? its growing now actually hmm! And also I am breaking out like crazy so I have to get back on using ProActiv again!

So I went to the mall today I'm so bored, baby daughter ain't here and even baby bf aint here so a girl like me wants some cheering up so yup I went shopping alright, just a lil bit...I got this v-neck shirt saying "vampire" on it and little writings of what it means so its kinda cool!

Then I also picked up a copy of New Moon DVD! yey! Its new release and the price is super cheap so I have to get it! Im not a twilight fan I don't even own any of the books, so lazy to read but just because its one of the most talk about movie so I gotta have it ahaha! I had the first twilight movie too !

That's basically my weekend, very mellow and lonely ahaha! Tomorrow its Monday meaning work work work! I can't wait till Tuesday that's when I am picking up my baby daughter to come home....did I mention I doooo really miss her! Ok so I guess I have to update you guys again soon! Laters lovelies! byeee!


Jannie said...

girl, lookin' gorgeous in your vampire shirt and red dazzleglass. was the dazzleglass from the previous haul? it looks so pretty on you. it's sparkly and glamorous too. :)

i remember when i used to leave justin in day care. he was about lauren's age. it got me worried. especially the time he cried. 'di ako mapakali, i just had to call day care to check up on him before work. luckily he got used to it and had fun there. although lauren misses you and you surely miss her, she probably has fun at her grandparents'. and yes, you'll get to spend time with your baby girl on your day off. same with your man too. :)

ooh. the body shop body butters are awesome. they are smooth and literally glide on the skin. even justin loves them. hahaha... ingat lagi, sis. :)

jannie said...

yay! i'm happy to hear baby lauren is coming back. :) i go crazy whenever my parents bring justin on vacation with them. the house is just TOO QUIET when he's not here. kahit makulit, masaya naman may kasamang baby. and of course, we worry even though they are in good hands with grandma and grandpa.

is utterly posh a limited edition? sana naman nasa permanent line. maganda sya. also that viva glam VI you were wearing is pretty. wait... i think i may have that too. i know i have V. i dunno whether i have IV or VI. i-check ko nga mamaya.

aww... no milani over there? i did not know that. it makes up for the annabelle and quo we're missing here. hehe... oh yeah, whenever you feel like it, i-message mo sa FB yung address mo. i need to learn how to send packages. (seriously i have never sent a package my whole life. i need to learn how. hehe...) i should send you something milani. :) i haven't tried their eyeshadows yet. i do like the blush and nailpolish though. i looove the nail polish, actually. :D