Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Bee

My followers are slowly walking away from lack of updates here on my blog ugh! Really so sorry ladies but I'm really busy for the past few weeks and few more weeks ahead! I've been picking up extra hours at work lately, I need lots of bank hours to cover at least 2weeks of vacation this coming July when me and babe are heading to So-Cal....sooo looking forward for that day to come! I filed and been approved my vacation form at work and so as babe so we booked July19 to August3 wooot! Babe and I are planning day by day but at this moment we are both busy with things like for me, I'm busy with work, housework, baby Lauren and finally I filed for DIVORCE! Its really not a big news to others when I told people that I am going to divorce my ex they are not surprised at all! Maybe they knew that me and ex-hubby aren't going to work things out eventually! Going through divorce is not a piece of cake, its very stressful and time consuming! I hate it when a person (lawyer) I just met only few minutes asked everything from personal to financial aspect in my life...seriously not cool! LOL! I know for sure I'll get more comfortable talking to him next meeting! Ok back to babe....he's busier than I am, his school is taking him away from me :( oh well school is school and its a good thing, so I really can't complain to that! We barely see each other at work! I'm lucky if we work at the same day on the same shift! I do miss him a lot but as he said once he get a break from school he'll make up for it and we'll spend more time together *sigh* spring break hurrry up now ahaha oh well 1 more month won't hurt eh! :)

Gotta work again this evening so nothing really exciting going on today and will stay extra 2 hours tonight! And I was thinking to work this weekend too....but all this hard work is going to be worth it when I'm in Cali relaxing with babe ahahah! But I'll try to update my blog every now and then and thanks to my followers who are still reading and sticking around, I promise once I get some extra time I will post my collective is busy but I still do some shopping with Lauren! Its called stress reliever LOL!


Jannie said...

girl, about being a busy bee, i totally understand. dami ngang trabaho eh. hehehe... it's great your racking up more hours, dinero din yan, noh. :D the upcoming week is going to be busy for us too. inventory kasi. eek. oh well, sanay na ako diyan, so okay lang. hehe...

wow. that cali trip this summer is so exciting. two weeks with your babe is going to be fun. summer is also coming too. sa bilis ng panahon, it's always right around the corner. :)

thank you for telling about the give me liberty of london collection. :) i didn't even know that collection was out already. OMG. it's so cute. i'm running to the counter before work. hehehe... i'm gonna get eyeshadow and maybe lipstick. i probably might get more because i'm pretty sure i'll go nuts when i see everything. hehe...

don't worry about me bailing, girl. i'm gonna be a follower of your blog forever. hehe... take care. :)

Jannie said...

lol. i did not know you were an avid "newlyweds" viewer back then. hehehe... i do remember that chicken or fish episode and when they used to throw laundry down the balcony from inside the house.

it's good to know i'm not alone in this bird phobia thing. it's a surprise jessica simpson has a fear of them too. i guess even celebrities have phobias too.

spiders are creepy crawly. let me know if you see one. i'll get rid of it for you. :) i'm not too fond of the really huge ones. now those are scary.