Monday, March 15, 2010

Too Fabulous

Hello lovelies! Its been awhile since I posted something about makeup LOL! Honestly this was the first time I bought something from MAC since hmmmm nah its too long I really can't remember hahaha but I'm guessing just before Christmas when I bought my concealer from MAC! I went to the Polo Park mall with baby Lauren last Saturday to check out the new collection "Give me Liberty of London" the packaging was sooo cute but wut the efffff the blush I want isn't available, they are out of stock already! They only have the "prim and proper" but i tried it on and doesn't even show up on my skintone ugh! I want the "dirty plum" blush they told me to go to St. Vital mall but I still have to go to work for overtime that afternoon...bummer! I check out their Too Fabulous cremesheen glass collections and there I was....fell in love with em! They are all pretty but I managed to get 2 of them that it seems wearable for work! I got "DeeLight" and "Over Indulgence" Sorry the pictures are kinda blurry, its from my blackberry, i'm too lazy to take pictures on my camera since I still have to upload them! Over on blackberry I just attached it on email and whoalllah!

Cremesheen Glasses are fabulous I can't get enough of them, they are not sticky and no strong smell yey! Im happy that they are permanent now! "Over Indulgence" is my fave it goes so well with my neutral eyeshadow combo I used for work but I love "DeeLight" its more of like lighter shade! I love them both hahah!

I'm sick right now and still contemplating if I'm going to work later or not! My body is so sore, especially my back is killing me! I'm thinking if I don't go to work later all my freakin overtime that I worked on last week is such a waste but oh well, I don't want to be a pain in the butt at work later if all they hear from me is complain about how my back is hurting me errr! So maybe I have to stay home 2day! Doesn't mean I can relax tho...I still have gazillion of things to do here at home like laundry, cleaning/sort my closet and Lauren's closet, wash dishes, cook, sort Lauren's toys etc etc etc...its neverending ahaha! So I'll see you gals on my next post ta-ta~! :P

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Jannie said...

uy, sis. pahinga ka naman muna at magpagaling ka. you can do all that sorting out after a nice nap perhaps. you got to restore and recharge your health, girl.

ooh, loved the cremesheen glass haul. the colors look so nice and sparkly on your lips. ganda talaga ng lips mo. the cremesheen glasses enhance its beautiful shape too.

ay. sayang wala yung dirty plum nila. that's the prettier of the two too. and yup, i could not resist the cuteness of its packaging. i'll be back for more as long as there's more. we can't get enough alright. gotta have that cute makeup. hehe...

take care and get well soon. :)

Anna said...

Ooh, those Cremesheen Glasses look great on you! I don't own any Mac lipgloss/lipglass... but maybe I should try it out next time I'm in Mac. :)

Get loads of rest ha! Hope you feel better soon. :)