Friday, October 2, 2009


So last weekend was mother and daughter outing to the mall! We just walk around window shopping LOL! On our way to the mall my dad told me that Provencher Blvd is closed under construction errr so I took another route by Marion then Panet mood changed when I saw my old job building, closed, locked up and sooo empty! SAD really, a lot of people work hard in that company, made friends and sure LOTS of unforgetable memories haaaay! Anywhoooo after passing by over there danng there is the train made a huge traffic so we got stuck for 15mins ahaha...Lauren fell asleep by Babyface's CD and the weather is awful, rained all day ugh! I was looking at Lauren while she's sleeping, my baby got soooo big already she doesn't look like a baby anymore haha! I love her to pieces my cutie patootie :D
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donnarence said...

lauren is all grown up but still she's a lil princess.. :D cute!!

Anonymous said...

aaw cute picture napagod na sya byahe hehe and oh yeah she's growing up soon enough meron ka nang pagaaralin :D

thanks girl for your kindness comment i hope wala na sanang sumunod pa..pinakagrabe na yun :C

Makeup Mama said...

What a cute little girl! Don't you love it when they fall asleep? So sweet and innocent...and quiet? lol, kidding.

I will definitely do a few looks using the Torrid blush, it can be a bit intimidating hey?

Jannie said...

lauren sure is growing up. she still is such a cutie though. :) the cold weather probably must've put her sound asleep. sarap matulog pag malamig. hehe...

wow. looks like you sure are busy as a working gal. that's cool though. time flies fast when you are busy. plus, there's lotsa people to talk to. speaking of work, sorry about what happened to your old work building. that's sad how it's closed down now. hopefully the people that worked there found new jobs as well.

hope you enjoy your weekend. hope you get a day off too. after working hard, you need to rest, girl. take care. :)