Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hey its like ages ago since the last blog post but dont worry ladies Im just being lazy here! Anywhoo I update my WISHLIST, I had fun adding more things on my list checkit out! I also love to see all the things you guys are wishing for.....ahm wishing for a sexy boyfriend doesn't count ok! LMAO!

And also dam-dam-darat-dara-dam-dam-dam I will hold a CONTESTt pretty soon! I know i know I keep saying it but this is for realz this time! Not much of a wait now I promise! I have cool prizes for all my lovely followers and will reveal them SOON! :D


~Lisa said...

Great wishlist!! And I can't wait for your contest!!

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Jannie said...

checked out your wishlist, girl. haha... sana nilagay mo yung pic ng sexy bf na ni-wish mo. hehehe... ;)

i'd like to try NARS eyeshadow too, i heard they're just as awesome as the blushes. as for chanel, i would love to have that too. even just a single lipstick or lipgloss will do. hehe...

it's fun looking through your list. :D

Anonymous said...


How are you girl??? i miss you :(

annings said...

Yay, glad you're back! :) My cousin from Canada sent me some Nars eyeshadows last month. Haven't tried them yet. Will get to that pag uwi ko ng Manila. :)