Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Guess where I'm at?! Yup kids I'm here in LA! Long beach California to be exact! Me and my darling baby daughter arrived here last Sunday and we just love it here ahm weatherwise ehehe! We are staying at our grandma's place ... My dad's aunt! Our first day was just mellow we spent our time with granny at home all day! And today we went out and its a long day of pure sight seeings and shopping! So far we went to LA's Aquarium Pacific, Lauren really enjoyed looking at different kinds of fishes and ohhh sharks! And then we did a little shopping at The Block in OC! I paid a visit to the famous CCO and I was kind of disappointed because I thought I would buy more MAC stuff there but too bad they only have few selections hmp! But I end up buying 3 items and spend 39bucks hehe! I bought Lauren a cute denim skirt at Old Navy though for only 5bucks haha! And more stuff at Bath and Body Works...anti-bacterial soap 5 for 15bucks was a really good deal! *sigh* Tomorrow we will go to Disneyland wooot! Its every kids dream to go there and Lauren is so lucky to go there in just 14months LOL! For sure we will be back here if she's a little older like 7 yrs old or 10 yrs old so she could enjoy it herself coz right now its me who will enjoy LOL... but Lauren is not really aware of it yet! Our agenda here is pretty tight because we are leaving on Monday and a lot of places that I wanted to see but such a little time errr! Oh they have Jolibee nearby so for sure we will go there too! Haha! Well if ur here in long beach hollllaaahhh me on YM (ndenieva) and gimme a tour haha! K lovers laters! :D

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Jenny said...

isn't the weather awesome?! it's too hot for me, alam mo naman pag pregs, mainitin :) so sad that we will not get to meet. ang lapit lapit mo na sa akin. sana next time let me know in advance para makapagplano tayo :)

annings said...

Aww, you guys enjoying yourself? =) I miss Jollibee! They don't have any here in Singapore eh. So everytime we go home to the Phils, I make sure I eat there at least once! Hehe! And wait, is that Jenny... jenigmatika? =D