Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yummy Photos of LC!

So my Lauren Christen is 14 months now and she can eat anything....from whole bananas to cookies to a toasted wheat bread but oh wait.... she don't like eating eggs! Hard boiled ones or even scrambled, she makes her yukkky face and spit it out then say: uh-ohh! But I keep trying giving it to her because I don't like her to miss all the goodness of eggs hehe! We also tried giving her pizza once and again she made that yukky face again! Will do try again when we order pizza! But other those foods she pretty much eat everything even P&J sandwich :D and french fries, chicken nuggets, oranges, grapes, apples, strawberries, pancit canton noodles, mac and cheese aghhrr the list goes on and on! During the day whenever she's awake I gave her something she could snack on, those easy to grab and bite kinda foods, with her water on her sippy on the side and she's settle! She can eat, play, watch TV at the same time wuhoo multi-tasker already! And same thing too when we go out I just load her diaper bag with snack foods ahm also diapers! All that foods...ya'll know what's gonna happen next hehe!

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