Thursday, March 5, 2009!

It's been freakin long since my last post up here but yup i'm just here being lazy! So what's up?! Don't even get me started on the word "shopping" because me and my darling baby are practically living at the mall LOL! We've been hanging out almost everyday inside a mall chilling on the playgrounds, foodcourts, nursing room, washroom u name it! Few weeks ago we also got together with one of my highschool friend and she also have a beautiful 5 month old daughter! Its even better now that I have someone to talk to other than my 14month old baby! Since then...we always hang out and go to the mall with our babies almost everyday!

So now I'll show u some of the major things that i bought and wrecked my savings LOL...I bought Wii console! Finally! I've been wanting to buy Nintendo Wii for a long time! Then I bought the Wii Fit! and some games but mostly for fitness, I just have to work out and loose some weight, don't ask how much pounds I gained because seriously its not funny!

Then I ordered 2 makeup 88 eyeshadow palletes at Coastal Scents! One for me and my friend, she asked me also to get one and she'll pay me after! She's getting into makeup also so we have all the similar addictions which are: our daughters, shopping, and MAKEUP! Can't wait to play with all the colors weeee! This pallete is sold out when I checked their website today so phewwww I guess I placed my order just in time! hehe! I hope I won't get disappointed like the CS Neutral Pallete that I ordered few months ago and but its ok I got rid of it and was lucky to sold it to someone!

Also Lauren's stroller broke, well not really broken but I always have a hard time folding it and sometimes I don't fold it at all! Thank goodness that it fits at the back of my suv without folding it! But it's getting harder and why just get a new one! I bought a new stroller and finally got a bigger basket underneath, got "mommy" tray and baby tray and can fully reclines so Lauren can sleep better while I'm window shopping bwahaha!

Ahm what else did I buy for the past few days, as usual I bought Lauren clothes and let me tell u guys she's set till she's 4 years old! I tend to buy some of her clothes a bit bigger, ahmm way bigger like 4T haha and she's only 14months! And.... oh at Mac I bought the Studio Finish concealer in NC30! I tried it today and it was a bit off so I might return it tomorrow! I'm always using pressed powders as my foundation, usually just my Studio Fix NC40 but I started using a liquid foundation in NC40 Studio Fix Fluid and I actually inlove with it using my Quo Stippling brush! I will post FOTD pics soon!


Jannie said...

hi, sis.

thank you so much for the package. my brush works really well and the annabelle shadows are very pigmented. love em. :)

i'm glad you found a mall buddy. it's fun relating and hanging out with other mommies. :) as for the coastal scents palette, i'm waiting for the 88 (shimmer) one as well. my boyfriend ordered it as a late valentine's gift. i have no idea when it's coming, but i can't wait to play with the colors either. :)

sira pa rin internet ko kaya every week nakikiigamit ako sa bf ko. i'm waiting for my mom to get back from the philippines. we're getting new service when she gets back. is your dad still in the philippines?

take care. :)

N=LC^101 said...

u are very welkam :D

d pa din dumarating ung cs 88 pallete hayyy i hate waiting pa naman haha!

i hope maayos na internet mo soon kc i miss ur blogs na eh! dad ko darating din sa march 21 pa mga 2 wks more pa! :D

Jenny said...

nance, i'm so jealous. I wish you were just here pa pag nasa mall ako, may kasama ako palagi. I'm so alone, we just moved here and i have no friends, so lagi akong nag iisa (si husband nag g-golf as usual). dibale pag dating ni tyler, may makakasama na ako. atsaka kung andito ka, you can use my face to experiment make up on. di ko alam kelan yung last nadapuan ng decent make up ang mukha ko. hehe. luv u!