Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We hate WINTER!

Putting wintersuits on a 14month old baby is such a hassle! Putting them on, then taking them off and put them on again grrrrr! Lauren got both kinds of wintersuits the 1piece suit and the 2piece (jacket with ski pants), I don't know which one is easier to use...ahm neither! And Lauren sometimes won't cooperate with me she screams and cries! I'm frustrated or she is?! LOL! It was easier when she was a newborn she just stayed in her carrier with that thick carrier cover and she's good to go! We can't hardly wait for summer so she can wear all her pretty sun dresses :D and all her cute sandals haha!

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1 comment:

Jenny said...

heheheheh. poor little girl. but she's so cute, it's worth the hassle :)