Saturday, April 30, 2011

La P'tite France

My late Birthday dinner with the boyfriend! He is French-Canadian so for a change we went to a french restaurant "La P'tite France" A cute restaurant with tasty food! I really like this restaurant, for sure this isn't the last time that we are going here, i love love the food and is in french too, also the waitress is fluent in french, my bf and her can talk french no problem :) A little FYI about me: I have an Eiffel Tower obsession and I promised myself and Lauren that we both go to Paris when she turn 7yrs old! I still have 4 more years to save up so we could go all out with our Paris trip 2015 LOL! Right now all I have are things that reminds me of Paris, for example my make up bag got Eiffel tower on it, also I bought a picture painting of course with the famous tower to go in our bedroom! ha! Okkk lets go back to the restaurant shall we?! lol!

241 St Marys Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 237-5468

NY steak with a slight glaze sauce and bleu cheese and veggies on the side!

French brownies with peanut butter sauce...yum!

We both had a great time! Much needed time for both of us, as we are getting busy at work and some house stuff! But I did some shopping and want to show a little blog haul very soon! For now I am goin to bed! ciao lovelies! :)


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Thanks for following my bog too. =) That peanut butter brownie dessert looks yummo! I'm in love with anything peanut butter.

Jannie said...

Glad you and BF had a nice and happy celebration at La P'tite France. :) I really love the picture of the restaurant. The building is really cute. :)

That's a really nice and sweet promise you made for Lauren and yourself that you'll both go to Paris when she is seven. :) Yup, you got lots of time to save, girl. And I know for sure it will definitely be worthwhile. :)

Aww... Puppy face for boyfriend. Haha... That will always work. :D I do that too with Ben. It works. LOL. Wow ah. Sa Minneapolis pa 'yung nearest outlet? It's cool though. You get to go on a road trip along with shopping. :)

Jannie said...

Dang, girl. I can't believe it's still snowing where you're at too. Pahingi naman ng konteng lamig. Ibibigay ko naman sa inyo ang konteng init. It's super hot here in Cali right now. Well, except for this morning. It was quite cool and foggy. The afternoons feel like being in the oven though. LOL.

7-8 hrs. drive to Minneapolis sure is long. I heard the outlet over there has really nice stores. I've seen videos of it too. Never been to Minneapolis. Must be a fun place to visit. :)