Friday, February 25, 2011

EOS Circle Lens

I'm a contact wearer roughly 10 yrs now, my first colored contacts that I bought was the Freshlook Colorblends in Grey and then I also tried the Honey/brown! I like how natural looking in a sense that it blends in with your natural eye color! But the only thing that I dont like was its very uncomfortable and my eyes easily gets tired in like couple hours wearing them! I used eyedrops to keep my eyes hydrated because its very drying!

I wear a prescription contacts from time to time now and only wear my colored ones on special occasions! But a lot of beauty gurus and beauty bloggers like Eki and Adriyah rave about circle lenses! So I joined the band wagon and ordered mine at Shipping is ok it took 2wks to get here in Canada, its ok I guess because it came from Malaysia! But I was happy with the contact lens! I got freebies too because I used Eki's code from her site! I got a cute contact case and a hair bow fringe!

EOS Candy Brown
Item details
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Brand : E.O.S
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

A really quick review about these lenses. I wore it couple times already and my first time putting it on was....oh wow its so hard to put it on! It doesn't really stick to my fingertips at all! Maybe its just the way I put on my lenses! But in like few tries I did put it on! I did bring my cute contact case and eyedrops with me just incase my eyes gets tired! Surprisingly in an hour dinner and couple hours of Movies and also we went to get our groceries done for at least an hour! I didn't feel a thing on my eyes! Not even a feeling of being dry or tired from wearing it! I even wore it around the house afterwards putting away groceries, cooking and doing the laundry! lol! Overall I love them and I will probably order to try the grey ones and another brown! Oh the pink ones too for fun :P Sorry the picture below is scary...its been a long day hihihi!

xoxo - nancy


Jenny Abel said...

I used to have colorblends too, I still do actually. Yung bi-weeklies diba? I had brown before and I was a bit more gutsy recently and got aquamarine! Pero di ko pa nasusuot, na ch-chicken pa ako to wear them. Hehe! But my bi-weeklies really irritate my eyes after a couple of hours din. Namumula eyes ko at parang napupuwing and the drops don't really help.

I told my eye doctor and he recommended dailies. Mas mahal pero super super better! I can wear it for 24 hours and minsan I forget I'm wearing them kasi di mo talaga sila ma feel. I only got a 3-month supply kasi mabigat sa bulsa talaga. So I only wear them when i don't want to look dorky in my eyeglasses. Hehe! I have the Acuvue ones, yung clear, and super good sila talaga. No need solution, storage, and drops. No cleaning din. I love them talaga! My eyes stay white and like I said they're so comfy!

Jannie said...

I am totally considering contacts. I still have yet to talk to the lady in our optical department. I'll see what she and the eye doctor recommend for people like me with my crazy eye condition. Hehe... I'd like to see if regular contacts work out first. If they do, I'll probably go on to trying circle lenses too.

You look like such a doll while wearing them. Your eyes are pretty to begin with. They look so adorable with the lenses. I like the color you picked out too. In case you order the pink ones, I'd totally like to see those on you. :D

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